Blynk Board Project Guide

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While the Blynk Board includes a variety of inputs and outputs, we could never fit as much onto the board as we'd like. This page lists the handful of wires, sensors, LEDs, and other electronic components that tie-in well with the Blynk Board projects.

If you have the Blynk Board IoT Starter Kit, you're probably already set up with most of these components in the wishlist. (Everything except the IoT Power Relay, in fact.)

SparkFun IoT Starter Kit with Blynk Board

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IoT Power Relay

IoT Power Relay


Don't worry if your electronics toolbox isn't outfitted with one, or more, of these components yet!

We've designed the projects in this guide to all be do-able regardless of whether-or-not you have external components plugged into the board. (You may just get very tired of using the Blynk Board's temp/humidity sensor input, or RGB LED output.)

If you already have a Blynk board but just need the components to follow along with this tutorial, check out the wishlist below!