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Project 14: Status Emails

The final notification-creating Blynk gadget is the Email widget, which allows you to tailor an Email's subject and message and send it to anyone's inbox. It's a great power; use it responsibly. Don't go creating a Blynking spam bot!

Email widget

This project gathers data from all of the sensor's we've been using in these projects, combines them into an Email message, and sends that message to an Email address of your choice (set using the Terminal widget).

There is no external hardware required for this project. If you had a favorite analog component for the ADC, or want to plug a digital input into pin 16, feel free to alligator-clip at will! Among other values, the readings from those pins will be added to the Email's body.

Blynk Setup

This project uses three widgets: Email, Terminal, and a Button.

Add the Email Widget

Find the Email widget under the "Notifications" list, towards the bottom of the widget box.

Email "Settings"

You're understandably conditioned to tap the Email widget to configure it, but that's not necessary this time. The Email widget doesn't have any settings! All it does is provide your Blynk Board with Email-sending ability.

Configure a Terminal Widget

As with the previous experiments, we'll be using the Terminal widget as an general-purpose string input/output device. If you’ve still got the Terminal widget from previous projects, great – leave it be. If not, configure it to use pin V21.

Terminal widget settings

Most importantly, the Terminal widget will be used to enter an Email address, otherwise the Blynk Board will have nowhere to send your data.

Connect a Button to V27

Finally, we'll use a button to trigger the sending of an Email. Add or reconfigure a button to activate V27. Make sure it's a Push button.

Button widget settings

Blynk Run

After running the project, tap into the Terminal input box. Type an exclamation point (!), then type your (or a friend's) email address. Hit enter, and the Blynk Board should respond with a message verifying the email address you entered.

Emails sent

Now all that's left is to tap the "Send Email!" button, and check your inbox. A status update should be dispatched to your inbox.

Example emails

Don't go mashing on the "Send Email!" button, now. The Email widget is limited to sending at most one email a minute. If you're too trigger-happy, the Terminal will let you know when you can next send an email.