Experiment Guide for the Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit

Contributors: rwaldron, reconbot, D___Run___, lyzadanger, Shawn Hymel
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Resources for Going Further

This experiment guide has just touched the surface when it comes to what you can do with JavaScript, Johnny-Five and the Tessel 2. We have collected a number of resources to help you get a deeper understanding of Node.js through other tutorial. We also want you to explore other modules to use and to connect your projects to the larger JavaScript ecosystem. Lastly, we have a number of project tutorials that will get you started with your Tessel 2 and J5IK that go beyond this guide and dive into other concepts a little deeper.

Lastly, we would greatly appreciate you sharing your Tessel and J5IK projects with us on hackster.io. Both Johnny-Five and the J5IK are added to Hackster ready for you to create a new project!

JavaScript and Node.js Tutorials

  • CodeCademy JavaScript Lessons - Online lesson based tutorial system that tracks your progress!
  • W3School Tutorials - A great website for learning the core of JavaScript through interactively playing with the code.
  • NodeSchool Tutorials - JvaScript, Node.js and number of other tools and environment tutorials that are created as command line tutorials downloaded and installed through npm.

Useful Node.js Modules

  • Chalk npm install chalk - Change the color of your console text...for the better!
  • usgs-earthquake-reports npm install usgs-earthquake-reports - A module that parses USGS earthquake reports based on a number of given options.
  • tessel-av npm install tessel-av- A module for using Audio Visual USB accessories (webcam and mic) with the Tessel 2!
  • Request npm install request- Make HTTP requests in a simple and easy manner.
  • node-ifttt-maker npm install node-ifttt-maker- A Node.js library for a IFTTT Maker Channel data stream!
  • openweathermap npm install openweathermap- A Node.js module for collecting weather data from OpenWeatherMap.
  • geo-tools npm install geo-tools- A simple module for geocoding and reverse geocoding (Great to use with a GPS!)

RETIRED Node.js Modules

  • _phant-client npm install phant-client- Used to interact with a phant which is now retired._

Looking for more tutorials related to the Tessel 2 and Johhny-Five? Check out the following tutorials.

ReconBot with the Tessel 2

Build a robot with the Tessel 2 that you can control from a browser on your phone or laptop.

Environmental Monitoring with the Tessel 2

Build an air-conditioner monitoring device to collect environment information and store it in the cloud.

Getting Started with the Tessel 2

Get your Tessel 2 up and running by blinking and LED, the Hello World of embedded electronics.

Sunrise Machine with the Tessel 2

Are you to sleepy to enjoy a sunrise on a brisk morning? Yeah...us too! No worries, with a Webcam, a Tessel 2 and a bit of code you can sleep in and catch the sunrise at your leisure with the Sunrise Machine.

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