SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Edison Experiment Guide

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Finale: Next Steps

Where do you go from here? The purpose of the kit was to provide an overview of the many different things you can do with the Edison (and all this with only JavaScript!). By this point, you've hopefully gained some confidence in programming the Edison with the XDK, creating simple web pages, and making wireless connections over WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy. Along the way, perhaps you were inspired to create a project of your own imagination.

Beyond JavaScript

As you probably noticed, the experiments in this guide focused primarily on JavaScript and the so-called "web languages" (at least some of the popular ones). If you followed along with the experiments to create web pages and web apps, you can apply the knowledge to create your own web pages or simple smartphone apps.

There is nothing wrong, of course, with using strictly JavaScript. Some people might want to try different languages. Because the Edison is a full computer, it is capable of compiling and running many more languages. Out of the box, the Edison has Node (for running JavaScript), Python, and a C/C++ compiler (gcc).

  • See here for getting started with Python on the command line
  • Check out this tutorial for using Eclipse to program C/C++ for the Edison

In reality, you can likely compile or run almost any programming language on the Edison. For those of you who enjoy esoteric interests, you can even find a Malbolge interpreter.

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Project Ideas

If you are still looking for inspiration for projects, perhaps some of these can help: