Getting Started with the MyoWare® 2.0 Muscle Sensor Ecosystem

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What is electromyography (EMG)?

"The MyoWare measures muscle activity through the electric potential of the muscle, commonly referred to as surface electromyography (EMG or sEMG for short). When your brain tells your muscle to flex, it sends an electrical signal to your muscle to start recruiting motor units (the bundles of muscle fibers that generate the force behind your muscles).

The harder you flex, the more motor units are recruited to generate greater muscle force. The greater the number of motor units, the more the electrical activity of your muscle increases. The MyoWare will analyze this electrical activity and output an analog signal that represents how hard the muscle is being flexed. The harder you flex, the higher the MyoWare output voltage will go." -Advancer Technologies

EMG Signal Raw and Envelope Flexed

Image Courtesy of Advancer Technologies taken from the MyoWare 2.0 Advanced Guide