SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Photon Experiment Guide

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Using the Particle IDE

If you've worked with Arduino or with our SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino, then you are familiar with the Arduino IDE, short for Integrated Development Environment. Particle has created their own cloud-based IDE, and they have adopted the Arduino language and syntax allowing you to move from an Arduino to the Photon and Photon RedBoard with ease.

Particle has written a great getting started guide for using their Web IDE, called Particle Build. You can read through their documentation by following the link below.

We have also written a Photon Development guide to help aid you in your experience. There are numerous ways to develop with the Photon and Photon RedBoard, and this guide covers the three most common methods: Particle Build, Particle Dev, and ARM GCC.

Photon Development Guide

August 20, 2015

A guide to the online and offline Particle IDE's to help aid you in your Photon development.

For the purposes of this guide, we recommend sticking to the online Particle Build IDE. However, once you feel comfortable using the Photon RedBoard, you are free to explore the other methods for development.

All of the experiments and circuits in this guide are available in our Inventor's Kit for Photon GitHub Repository, or you can download the entire repository by clicking the link below.

If you prefer to use Particle Dev, you may find having all the experiment folders in one location is much easier for development.

First-Time Firmware Update: The first time you upload a sketch to your Photon or Photon RedBoard, you will likely encounter an over-the-air firmware update. Particle has built in this feature so that the first time you upload code to the device, it will go out and grab the latest firmware from the Particle Cloud. Please BE PATIENT. This may take several minutes. Do not press any buttons or remove power from the device during this time. You will know the device is updating via the RGB LED blinking random bursts of pink (magenta). It should look distinctly different from the flashing magenta that accompanies a user uploading their sketch, which is more of a steady, fast blink. You may need to go through this procedure twice for the entirety of the firmware to be downloaded over the web. Most of the firmware files for the Photon devices come in two parts. If your device is still blinking pink once it connects to the Internet after the first over-the-air update, give it a few moments to download the second half.