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  • Hi guys! First of all, one thousand thanks for this introduction to the Photon Kit.

    I might have found a bug in the code. In the experiment 10 (Pong), section 2, there’s the following line:

    Particle.variable("data", &postScore, STRING);

    which causes the Particle compiler to throw an error at the line where the OLED library is called (I would have pasted it but it was way too long)

    Anyway, I erased the “&” and now the code works just fine. Is there a reason for that “&”?

  • I’ve noticed that in this tutorial they are using D2 for driving the buzzer, and it worked, but on my SparkFunn RedBoard, D1 does not work. Yet the documentation suggests that it should:

    Is there a discrepancy between the RedBoard and’s Photon development board? Or is something else going on?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Fritzing needs to be adjusted. Blue wire should rest in pin 6, not 7

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