IoT Power Relay

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Resources and Going Further

For more information, check out the resources below:

  • W3Schools - This is a great website to help you learn more about writing for the web. I figured out most of how to write the page in this tutorial using W3School's excellent tutorials.
  • Simple WiFi Server Example - The original example that I started with for this project. It may be easier to start with this if you want to customize the server.
  • -- Great forums, where you can discuss ESP32 news, get help, or show off your project.
  • ESP-IDF -- IoT Development Framework -- If you want to take your development environment up a step from Arduino, this should be your first step into ESP32 software development. Some notes on the IDF:
    • The IDF is well-documented. Check out the set up guides (for Windows, Mac or Linux) for help getting your environment set up. For help with the API's and data structures, check out
    • There are a handful of example applications.
    • Use the ESP-IDF project template, once you're ready to start creating applications of your own.
  • ESP32 Software Support Package
  • GitHub Repo - Project repo for the TeleSitter.

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