Digital Sandbox Arduino Companion

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Resources and Going Further

Congratulations on completing the Digital Sandbox Experiment Guide! If you're looking for more resources devoted to the Digital Sandbox, Arduino, or ArduBlock, check out these links:

Now that you've introduced yourself to the world of electronics, hardware, programming, and Arduino, check out some of these tutorials and products to continue your learning.

  • What is An Arduino? -- If you're ready to step into a more open-ended development platform, we encourage you to continue working with Arduinos. This tutorial will help get you started.
  • SparkFun Inventor's Kit -- If you're looking for more hardware to continue your learning journey, the SIK is the next logical step.

SIK product shot

This kit includes an Arduino, breadboard, and tons of wires, buttons, LEDs, and more components. It also includes a guide with a series of experiments that introduce you to the Arduino programming language (no more blocks!) and electronics.