Advanced Autonomous Kit for Sphero RVR Assembly Guide

Contributors: Pearce, Ell C
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Connecting the Servo pHAT and Servos

The Servo pHAT is the interface for both the pan-tilt rig and the Qwiic sensors. The pHAT plugs in so that it's stacked directly above the Pi Zero.

Servo pHAT plugged into Raspberry Pi Zero GPIO header

Click the image for a closer look.

The servo cables for the pan-tilt rig will run underneath the mounting plate, under the board and pop out on the opposite side. The bottom servo plugs into ROW 0 and the top servo into ROW 1.

Highlighted Row 0 and Row 1

The brown wires should be on the pins closest to GPS board. See the image below.

Servo cables from pan-tilt mechanism plugged in

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The Qwiic cable that connects the GPS Board to the Servo pHAT through the time of flight sensor becomes obscured by the cover plate. It’s best to plug in the 50mm Qwiic cable to the GPS Board Qwiic connector facing the center of the cover plate at this point (don't plug it into the time of flight sensor quite yet).