Advanced Autonomous Kit for Sphero RVR Assembly Guide

Contributors: Pearce, Ell C
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Affixing the Mounting Plate to the RVR and Connecting the Remaining Qwiic Cables

Take four of the remaining 1/4 inch screws and fasten the mounting plate to the cover plate of the RVR. The holes should lineup like this from below the cover plate:

Bottom of the RVR Cover Plate with the Mounting Plate Affixed

Again, be mindful with how tight you make the screws so as to not crack the acrylic plates.

With all the boards in place, we can plug in the remaining boards to the Qwiic bus. The two 50mm Qwiic cables connected to connectors 3 and 4 on the Mux board will plug into the front and rear facing Time of Flights sensors (respectively).

The remaining unplugged Qwiic connectors sticking out from under the mounting plate

The 50mm Qwiic Cables plugged into the Time of Flight Sensors

The rear Time of Flight sensor plugged into connector 4 on the Mux board

Finally, we'll plug the GPS board into the Servo pHAT. Take the 200mm Qwiic cable and plug it into the Qwiic connector on the Servo pHAT. Then, we'll run the cable through the slot in the mouting plate, then down through the slot directly underneath it in the RVR Cover Plate.

200mm Qwiic cable plugged into the Servo pHAT and run down through the slots into to below the RVR Cover Plate

On your build, the camera cable will be plugged in, we removed it for this photo to give you a better view of the Qwiic cable plugged in

Next, we'll run the cable back up through the outside slot next to the GPS board mentioned in the first steps. Plug the cable into the Qwiic connector on the GPS board facing forward.

200mm Qwiic Cable plugged into the GPS board

We'll take any slack from the 200mm cable and pull it gently under the RVR Cover Plate giving the system a cleaner look from the visible side.

Bottom of the RVR Cover Plate showing the 200mm Qwiic cable running underneath

Congratulations! You've built the entire system. Now it's time to connect it to the RVR. Gently clip the RVR Cover Plate into place.

RVR Cover Plate with the system built on top