SIK Experiment Guide for the Arduino 101/Genuino 101 Board

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Arduino IDE Version and Installing Board Add-On

The Arduino 101 board add-on only seems to work with Arduino IDE version 1.6.x. Make sure to use a previous version of the Arduino IDE if you are having problems installing the Arduino 101 board add-on. We were unable to get it to install on Arduino IDE v1.8.x.

"Intel Curie Boards by Intel" Board Version

For those trying to use the BLE on Arduino 101, make sure to use the Intel Curie Boards by Intel with v1.0.7 . The latest version (2.0.2) does not work as expected for certain examples like the BLE example. The Arduino forums even say that the board version is broken. Code will compile in the Arduino IDE but the experiments will not work as expected.

Rolling Back to a Previous Board Definition

If you have already uploaded to the board, you can roll back to the previous version by following the instructions listed in the upload error:

Starting download script...
!! BLE firmware version is not in sync with CurieBLE library !!
* Set Programmer to "Arduino/Genuino 101 Firmware Updater"
* Update it using "Burn Bootloader" menu
An error occurred while uploading the sketch

You can use Arduino IDE v1.8.2 or v1.8.3 and selecting Tools>Programmer:Arduino/Genuino 101 Firmware Updater". You will then need to click on Tools>Burn Bootloader . And yes, you do not need a programmer when rolling back to the previous board definition. Just have the Arduino 101 connected to their computer via USB and the correct board definition/COM port selected.

After uploading with the correct board definition, the experiments with the BLE should work as expected.

Arduino Roll Back Error

If you are trying to roll back the Arduino 101 to a previous board version and see this error:

Reset the board before proceeding...
find: sensor: No such file or directory
find: sensor: No such file or directory
find: sensor: No such file or directory
Error while burning bootloader

, it is because the computer is not able to find a certain file on your computer due to the way that the Arduino 101 board definitions were installed. You can try re-installing, deleting temporary files, and reinstalling the Arduino IDE version. If you are still having issues, try a different computer. A technical support representative had to use a known good Mac [ OSX Lion v10.7.5 ] to roll back. One thing to note is that the Mac was not able to upload to the Arduino 101 but a different Windows computer was able to do it using the previous board version.