Make Your Own Fritzing Parts

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Resources and Going Further

Remember to check out the Fritzing software or the Fritzing forums to see if the part has been made. Or you can check out our SparkFun parts library in our repo. Also, check out Fritzing's landing page for creating custom parts to see how others create parts in Fritzing, graphic standards, templates, naming conventions, and methods of formatting your file.

Contribute to Fritzing

Now that you have your part done, you are able to connect with other Fritzing parts. You can share your part or a project tutorial on the Fritzing site. There are many more ways to contribute to the Fritzing community! Check out the Fritzing Support Us page for even more ways to support Fritzing.

Large Batches of Fritzing Parts?

If you are a developer that uses EAGLE or someone who is investing a lot of time in making Fritzing parts, the Fritzing team has open sourced a toolkit to make the SVG files from EAGLE .brd files. It is highly recommended that you check out if you are creating batches of SVG board files ready for Fritzing. They have the source code for to convert Eagle to Fritzing in a Fritzing GitHub repo.

Further Reading

At SparkFun, we use Fritzing at a lot in our Learn tutorials. Check out how we use Fritzing in different tutorials to show how to connect different parts together. Here are some tutorials that uses Fritzing in the hookup section:

If you want to learn more about designing your own PCBs with other software, visit these tutorials:

Looking for more information about Fritzing? Check out these related blog posts:

For vector images of parts, try the Electronic Graphics Resources so that you do not have to make a part from scratch.

Electronic Graphics Resources

February 6, 2014

Illustrator file with a variety of electronics images and icons. Made by Adam Meyer of