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    Using and Creating Fritzing Parts

    For more information about using and creating Fritzing, try looking at this link => .

    Clipping and Masking

    For anyone Inkscape, I found this tip useful when using SVG files from Fritzing for graphical datasheets.

  • Member #534855 / about 10 years ago * / 1

    first of all, thank you for this great tutorial. it's really well made!

    there is one important thing for the pcb-graphic. tht-part-svgs need to have 2 copper groups. all connectors have to be inside of them. Otherwise the programm will not know, that the component has to have copper-connectors on both sides of the pcb. The result is a short on pcb.

    <copper1> <copper0> <connector1/> <connector2/> ... </copper0> <copper1>

    maybe it's possible to update this section. thank you and greetings

    • Hi There! Thank you for your feedback. I updated the Fritzing tutorial with your feedback. Thanks again! :)

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