How to Build a DIY GNSS Reference Station

Contributors: Nate
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Schedule a Task

We need STRSVR to start automatically. STRSVR will remember its settings and will automatically start with the last used settings by running strsvr.exe -auto. Now let’s create a Task in windows to ensure it starts at every power on.

Create new task

Open the Windows Task Scheduler app and create a new Task.

alt text

Tell the task to run STRSVR with '-auto'.

Set Triggers for task

The main things are running the optional ‘-auto’ command, the task should start at startup without need for logon, and the task should delay 30 to 60 seconds. We found that this task (STRSVR) would fail to start at Windows startup possibly because the ZED-F9P and/or the radio COM ports were not yet enumerated. Delaying for 30 seconds or more fixes the issue. And if the program ever shuts down or crashes for some reason the task schedule should, every hour, restart STRSVR, if it is not already running.

Once your task is defined, reset your mini-PC and verify that it automatically starts STRSVR and begins broadcasting.