Where Do I Start?

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Starter Tutorials

Our tutorials are all sorted into a series of categories: concepts, technologies, skills, hook-up guides, and projects. Each tutorial category builds upon the last.


Our concept tutorials cover the really low-level, nitty-gritty areas of electronics. This is stuff you might learn in an electronics class.

Ohm's Law Water Pipe


Technology tutorials speak specifically about the components, standards, and technologies which make all of this possible. You can learn how GPS works and how you might add it to your project. Or you can read all about resistors, diodes, and other basic electronics components.

IR Communication


Electronics isn’t just about calculating currents, voltages, and resistances. You have to learn some (sweet) skills to build the stuff! Here are a few great places to start in the skills section:

Crimping a wire


Are you looking for a quick primer on using a new Arduino shield or breakout board? This is what our hook-up guides are geared towards. These tutorials will usually include an explanation of a specific product as well as example schematics and code to get it quickly up and running. Check out some of these hook-up guides:

LilyPad MP3 Player hook-up


If you’re seeking inspiration for projects of your own, check out some of the stuff we’ve done. These tutorials are detailed enough that you can follow along and build an exact replica. Or you can riff on our project, improve it, and make it your own. These should serve as a few great starter project tutorials:

Uncertain 7-Cube Project


If we write a tutorial that just doesn’t fit any of the above categories, we’ll stick it in the articles section. Here you’ll find stuff like how to navigate FCC requirements or how we assemble our products. These are good reads and contain important information for someone out there...