Where Do I Start?

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Welcome to Electronics!

We live in an amazingly high-tech world, surrounded by electronic gizmos and gadgets. Because our lives are so infused with electronics, everyone -- engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, students, and artists alike -- can greatly benefit from learning more about them. Understanding how to read schematics, solder, program, and build circuits instills a unique understanding of the world we live in; not to mention, hacking and making with electronics is just plain fun!

Making electronics

Through our tutorials and kits, we want to help make the world of electronics as approachable as possible. Anyone can (and should!) learn electronics. It's just a matter of finding somewhere to start.

Starter Tutorials

Our tutorials explain, teach, and inspire electronics enthusiasts and beginners alike. We have a wide range of tutorials covering both basic electronics theory and project build examples. The tutorials are written by the experts, and they are filled with high-quality images to help you through. If you're unsure of which tutorial to begin with, check out the Starter Tutorials section of this tutorial.

Starter Kits

On our online retail store, we sell anything from beginner’s soldering kits to advanced development platforms. What better way to start learning than by doing? Our kits help explain basic electronics concepts, while also allowing you build something fun and functional. Find our recommended beginner kits in the Starter Kits section of this guide and start building!