Where Do I Start?

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Starter Kits

We want to get everyone out there as geeked out on electronics as we are. Our starter kits are well-documented, easy to understand, and fun!

You could pick up a soldering kit, and make the classic Simon memory game or a Big-Time watch.

Simon PTH Kit Big-Time

If you’re looking to avoid the soldering iron for now, check out the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit. This is a beginner’s electronics kit, which features an Arduino microcontroller. You'll quickly be blinking LEDs, spinning motors, and scrolling messages on LCDs. It includes a well-illustrated reference manual to guide you through all of the experiments.

SparkFun inventor's kit

Electronics doesn’t always have to mean soldering, wiring, and breadboarding. We’re also really into wearable electronics (e-textiles), an amazing melding of both sewing and electronics. Using conductive thread we can sew battery packs, LEDs, and microcontrollers into fabric to light up backpacks, dresses, jackets, or whatever. Our LilyPad ProtoSnap is perfect for quickly prototyping and testing an e-textiles circuit before breaking it apart and sewing it into place.

ProtoSnap LilyPad

For more starter kits, check out the kits category on our store!