SparkFun Photodetector (MAX30101) Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

For more on the SparkFun Photodetector (MAX30101), check out the links below:

Application Notes

Note: Particle detection, heart rate measurement, and photoplethysmography (for pulse oximetry) are applications of the MAX30101. These applications are detailed in the notes below; however, they require an understanding of the operating principles of the sensor and a conceptual knowledge of the application(s). Although, we provided the information below for interested users and may provide some examples of the application in our software; these applications are, unfortunately, not supported by SparkFun and the examples are primarily for demonstration purposes only.

Here are additional resources on how the MAX30101 functions for HR detection and pulse oximetry:

For more information on particulate matter and their detection, check out these resources:

Maxim's Original Firmware for the MAX30102 adapted in our Arduino Library:

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