Simultaneous RFID Tag Reader Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nate
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Thermal Considerations

At full read power over extended periods of time the module can reach temperatures greater than 85C (185F). This is extremely toasty. The module will automatically throttle itself to prevent permanent damage from heat. The SparkFun Simultaneous RFID Tag Reader shield provides enough ground plane heatsinking to allow the module to operate at full read power for tens of minutes. If you plan to operate the module at full power for extended periods of time we recommend attaching a heatsink.

You can get the 1:1 dimensional drawing of the shield here. The dimensions of the exposed thermal and mounting holes are shown.

Dimensional Drawing showing the location of the exposed thermal pad

Dimensional Drawing of the RFID Shield showing the mounting holes and exposed thermal pad

In most prototyping applications heatsinking won’t be required. However, if you have heat sensitive items near the module (such as temperature or humidity sensors) they may be influenced by the module. If you are planning to install the module for long term operation we recommend attaching a heatsink with thermal compound and 4-40 screws and nuts. Alternatively, you may install the Thermal Gap Filler that was shipped with your shield between the SRTR and the heatsink.

The module also supports changing read duty cycle to reduce the heat dissipation as well. Check out the M6E-NANO datasheet for more information.