Simultaneous RFID Tag Reader Hookup Guide

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Example 2 - Read EPC

While a constant read is fun and interactive, it can be an overwhelming amount of data for some projects. The 2nd example shows how to do a single shot read.

If you are unfamiliar with how RFID tag memories work, please review our tutorial here.

File > Examples > SparkFun Simultaneous RFID Tag Reader Library > Examples

Open Example 2 from the examples menu. Then load it onto your RedBoard or Uno.

Reading an EPC

Tag EPC LULZ detected!

.readTagEPC() is the main function call of this example. Pass it an array of bytes (in almost all cases EPCs are 12 bytes), the size of the array (12), and an amount of time to scan before giving up (500ms is default). The function will return with RESPONSE_SUCCESS if a tag is detected and the EPC will be stored in the array you gave it.

responseType = nano.readTagEPC(myEPC, myEPClength, 500); //Scan for a new tag up to 500ms

The buzzer connected to pins 9 and 10

The buzzer is connected to pins 9 and 10

//Beep! Piano keys to frequencies:
tone(BUZZER1, 2093, 150); //C
tone(BUZZER1, 2349, 150); //D
tone(BUZZER1, 2637, 150); //E

We've included a buzzer on the shield to allow feedback to the user. In this example we play a simple three note melody to indicate a tag has been detected.