nRF9160 Thing Plus Hookup Guide

Contributors: Circuit Dojo, Ell C
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Example - Blinky

Let's start with a basic example and move up from there!

Note: Pre-built binary can be downloaded here: blinky-v1.3.2.bin

Change directories to ncs/v1.4.1/zephyr/samples/basic/blinky.

Make sure you've enabled support for the bootloader by verifying that the following lines are added to the prj.conf:

# Enable Zephyr application to be booted by MCUboot

Then, build using the build command:

west build -b circuitdojo_feather_nrf9160ns

You should see towards the end of the output that both the application and the bootloader have been built and merged.

Uploading Code

Make sure that you have set your connection configuration (this should only need to be done once) and put your nRF9160 into Boot mode.

  • Press the Mode button (MD)
  • While holding down the Mode button, press and release the Reset (RST) button.
  • When the LED lights up, release the Mode button

Programming can then be completed with newtmgr by pasting the following into your bash/terminal window:

newtmgr -c serial image upload build/zephyr/app_update.bin
newtmgr -c serial reset

LED on the board is blinking


The transfer process is limited to 1M BAUD. In most cases it takes about 8 seconds to transfer application code.