nRF9160 Thing Plus Hookup Guide

Contributors: Circuit Dojo, Ell C
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Compiling an Application

Prerequisites/SDK Setup

If you haven't already, make sure you've set up the SDK:

General Build Commands

Generally speaking, as long as you have all the requirements from the guide above, compiling for the nRF9160 Thing Plus should be as simple as running the following:

west build -b circuitdojo_feather_nrf9160ns

If you would like to "clean" your project before building add the -p parameter.

west build -b circuitdojo_feather_nrf9160ns -p
Note: Having trouble building? Make sure you check out the troubleshooting page.

The output assets are placed in the build/zephyr folder. If you're programming from scratch, you'll want the merged.hex. If you're using newtmgr then you'll want the app_update.bin. More info on different programming methods can be found in the Programming and Debugging section.

For subsequent builds you don't need -b circuitdojo_feather_nrf9160ns if you're not using the -p param.

west build

west uses the last board that was indicated for the re-build.

Common errors and warnings

CMake complains about your MCUBoot key:

CMake Warning at /Users/jaredwolff/Git/nrf-connect/ncs/v1.4.1/nrf/cmake/mcuboot.cmake:115 (message):

        --- WARNING: Using default MCUBoot key, it should not ---
        --- be used for production.                           ---

The default bootloader uses the default MCUBoot key. Before you compile your project, make sure that the following lines are added to the prj.conf:

# Enable Zephyr application to be booted by MCUboot

This will enable support for the bootloader.