Monitor Sensor Data from Anywhere

Contributors: ROB-24601, Mariah
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The Project: Wirelessly Monitor Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure from Anywhere!

If you worked through or even just read through the first tutorial on Sending Sensor Data Over WiFi, then you know that the first step was finding the MAC address of your boards, and the second step was connecting the hardware. For this tutorial, we won’t need the MAC address, and the hardware setup is about as easy as it gets with our Qwiic Connect System. Simply connect our ESP32 Thing Plus to a single Qwiic sensor breakout using a single Qwiic cable. It’s so fast and simple that I cannot in good conscience even call it a step.

ESP32 with Qwiic Sensors
The setup for this project is a simple daisy-chain with two Qwiic cables.