Monitor Sensor Data from Anywhere

Contributors: ROB-24601, Mariah
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Hopefully you won't run into any real issues on this build, but if you're anything like me, you can always find someplace to drop a random bracket or semi-colon that has you scratching your head. Here are some potential spots to check of everything isn't operating the way you would expect.

If you're not getting any sensor readings in the Arduino Serial Monitor, then you'll probably be getting an indication that the Environmental Sensor isn't communicating. You'll get a message that reads something like "The sensor did not respond. Please check wiring." If you're not connecting to the WiFi, you should see a message in the Serial Monitor that reads something like "Connecting to . Failed, trying again in x milliseconds". Double check that the network name and password are correct. If all of that seems to be in order, but you're still not receiving data at your dashboard, make sure that your App Version and App Token (created in KaaIoT) are correct in your Arduino sketch.

Beyond that, everything should be pretty straightforward. I did occasionally have trouble editing the widgets in the KaaIoT dashboard. Clicking in the upper right hand corner of each widget would not offer me the Edit/Clone/Delete options, but rather would just act as if I had left clicked on the widget itself, as if I wanted to drag it to a new position on the screen. The workaround I found for this was to hold down my left mouse button outside of the widget, drag it over the upper right hand corner of the widget, then use the touchpad on my laptop to left click. This wasn't an issue every time, but I did see it on both my laptop and desktop.