XBee3 Thing Plus Hookup Guide

Contributors: Alex the Giant, Ell C
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Who doesn't love a Bee? With these 2 versions of SparkFun's XBee3 Thing Plus - the XBee3 Thing Plus (u.FL) and the XBee3 Thing Plus (PCB Antenna), we've taken DIGI's XBEE3 802.15.4 and plopped it into the Thing Plus footprint and the result has us all abuzz. For all intents and purposes, the 2 variants are the same board - the difference being in the antenna.

SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (U.FL)

SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (U.FL)

SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (Chip Antenna)

SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (Chip Antenna)


Required Materials

To follow along with this tutorial, you will need the following materials. You may not need everything, depending on what you have. Add it to your cart with your choice of the XBee3, read through the guide, and adjust the cart as necessary.

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