Wireless Remote Control with micro:bit

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Not working as expected? Below are a few troubleshooting tips to get your micro:bits working as expected. For your convenience, relevant troubleshooting tips from the micro:arcade and micro:bot experiment guides were included below.

  • Not Receiving a Signal?

    • Make sure that the micro:bits are on the same channel.
    • Make sure that the number sent is the same.
    • Make sure that your are sending and receiving a number.   

  • The Second Micro:bit is Reacting Without Sending Data from the First Micro:bit.

    • If you have more than one micro:bit transmitting on the same channel, the receiving micro:bit may be reacting to other micro:bits sending on the same channel. Make sure that each micro:bit pair is on their own unique channel. You can also try to adjust the number being transmitted on each micro:bit to react to certain number.   

  • Micro:bit is Not Showing Up.

    • Try unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in. Also, be sure that you have the cable inserted all the way into your micro:bit.   

  • Gamer:bit or Moto:bit Blocks are Not Visible.

    • Make sure you have a network connection and you have added the extension to your MakeCode environment.
    • Try installing it again from the add extension option in MakeCode.   

  • Robot Not Driving Straight!

    • This may be due to the floor that the micro:bot is driving on. The wheels and motors might have slight differences in the way they were manufactured. Having the robot drive on certain floors like carpet can make the slight differences more apparent. To correct for these differences, you may want to adjust the intensity of each motor moving forward or reverse.    

  • Robot is Not Moving After Sending a Command from the Gamer:bit.

    • Make sure your motors are hooked up correctly in the motor ports and your motor power switch is set to "RUN Motors", the battery pack is plugged in, and you have fresh batteries.
    • Make sure the transmitting and receiving micro:bits are using the correct code.    

  • Moving in Reverse?!

    • There are two options if you notice the micro:bot moving in the wrong direction. As explained above, you can flip the wiring of your motors or use the set ____ motor invert to ____ block in your on start block to change what is forward vs. reverse.   

  • Servo Moves in the Wrong Direction.

    • Flip your servos, or change your code so that it rotates the correct direction.   

  • Servo Doesn't Move at All!

    • Double check your connections of the servos to the moto:bit to make sure that they are hooked up correctly.