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Introducing the micro:bot Kit

The micro:bit is a great platform for learning how to build and program robots! Combining the micro:bit with the SparkFun moto:bit - micro:bit Carrier Board (Qwiic) creates a flexible, low-cost robotics platform for anyone from students getting started with the micro:bit to the engineer looking to quickly prototype or build a proof of concept.

The micro:bot kit v2.0 is the extension of that idea: build simple robots quickly that leverage the capabilities of the micro:bit while implementing peripheral sensors and motor functions with simple programming in the Microsoft MakeCode environment as a gateway into robotics.

What's Included in the Kit?

SparkFun micro:bot kit for micro:bit - v2.0

SparkFun micro:bot kit for micro:bit - v2.0


The kit includes the following parts:

Note: The kit does not include the following and they will need to be purchased these separately:

USB Micro-B Cable - 6 Foot

USB Micro-B Cable - 6 Foot

Panasonic Alkaline Battery - AA

Panasonic Alkaline Battery - AA


micro:bit Board

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How to Use This Guide?

This guide is designed to get you started with the moto:bit board and the SparkFun micro:bot kit in a straight forward and simple way. We demonstrate each component's functionality and the corresponding code to make it work.

While you explore this guide, we urge you to take your time and tinker with the sensors, code, and the ideas shared to build something tailored to your application and creativity. Our goal is to get you enough information and know-how to make you dangerous and then release you into the wild to do whatever you do with your robot.

Be sure to share your projects with us over Twitter or Facebook! We are excited to see you Start Something!

Suggested Reading

Before continuing with this guide, we recommend you be somewhat familiar with the concepts in the following tutorials:

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Getting Started with the micro:bit

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