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  • Is there a micro:bot library for micropython?

    • I don’t think so, that might be a fun project, though. ;) I’m sure there’s plenty of potential cross pollination with Adafruit projects and CircuitPython, and I assume projects coming from Great Britain and the BBC. I, for one, am going to look around, or, if short on time, buy a RedBot board, which is, after all, what I would expect SparkFun to concentrate their efforts on. They are not really a software company, after all, and it would be a bit counterproductive to work on micro:bit while they are distributing RedBot kits.

  • makecode library search yields no motor-bit

  • I bought four of these for a kid’s robotics class; I’ve put one together to get started, and am unable to get the motors running.

    The stop/run motors switch is functional (continuity check), the batteries are fresh, the micro:bit works. Even when I put a motors on/run for a bit, motors off in a start block, no joy. It’s not clear to me how to debug this (new to micro:bit, not new to embedded systems and robotics).

    Any clues?

  • any examples with the i2c port?

  • Nice!

  • One more thing. It would help if the comments only appeared on the experiment page they are referring to.

  • Wait, what? First the experiment is supposed to be about using the accelerometer to detect a bump, then it’s about speeding up when going up a hill, then it turns out the actual code just detects a tap on the robot to start it moving. I think this experiment needs a rewrite.

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