Simon Tilts Assembly Guide

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How to Play the Game

Before you begin playing with your Simon Tilts, it is important to understand this one major concept:

Simon Tilts is essentially the same game as Simon Says, except for one major difference: each time you rotate a particular LED upward, it is the equivalent of pressing the colored button on the Simon Says classic.

How to Play

Turn it on and watch a pattern of LEDs blink. When it begins cycling through each LED in a fast pattern, it is in "waiting mode". It is now waiting for you to tilt the game in any direction. This is similar to how, in Simon Says, the game will wait for you to press a button to begin.

In order to start a new game, tilt the board in any direction. Then hold it upright and wait for the game to begin.

Simon Tilts will then blink a single LED.

You must now rotate the board so that specific LED is facing upward. After you correctly rotate the first step, then that LED will blink, and you must then go back to the upright position.

Simon Tilts will then repeat the first LED, but then it will also blink a second LED.

At this point, you must rotate each of those two LEDs upward in the correct order. (Note, if you're too slow, then you lose and it will go back into "waiting mode").

After you have completed each recent pattern, your Simon Tilts will blink the same pattern again -- plus one more. The pattern gets longer and longer until you win each level!

  • Level 1: 5 steps, slow playback
  • Level 2: 10 steps, fast playback
  • Level 3 and above: Adds 5 more steps at each higher level, so essentially it goes to INFINITY!!

All six positions are possible - even upside down. It can get pretty tricky when you get into a couple of full rotations :) In addition to the LEDs blinking the pattern, the buzzer makes a unique tone for each position to help you remember the pattern.

Have fun and good luck!