ReconBot with the Tessel 2

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Let's Build a Robot!

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You are about to build a robot that you can control from a browser on your phone or laptop. You can guide the robot by looking through the robot's "eyes" (first-person-view, or FPV), because it's going to stream live video for you so you can see what's in front of it. You can pilot your robot around corners and into nooks and crannies, chase your cat, entertain guests or just bonk it into a chair leg over and over again—it's all up to you!

The browser-based controls emulate a thumb-pad joystick, hearkening back to the tactile controls of radio-controlled (RC) cars. The virtual joystick for our robot controls both direction and speed. It'll snap back to center (and the robot will stop moving) when it's not being actively dragged and held.

Your robot will be independent of wires and external connections: you'll control it over your local WiFi network, and we'll use a USB power bank to give it juice.

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