LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus Hookup Guide

Contributors: MikeGrusin, Gella
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Setting Up Arduino

Note: The LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus and the LilyPad USB Plus requires Arduino version 1.8 or higher. If this is your first time using Arduino, you can install it by following our Installing the Arduino IDE tutorial. Otherwise, please make sure to install (or update to) the latest version of Arduino and verify that you are connected to the internet to download the LilyPad USB Plus software add-ons.

Now that you've explored the board's features, it's time to upload some code! When you first install Arduino, it knows how to program a number of "standard" Arduino-compatible boards. Since the LilyPad USB Plus is a newer LilyPad microcontroller, you will need to manually add it to this list by following the steps below. You'll only have to do this once to add the board to Arduino.

Note for Linux Users: If you are installing the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus in Linux, this document has some specific notes:

1. Add SparkFun Boards to Arduino's Preferences

Start the Arduino IDE software (version 1.8 or higher) and open the Preferences window by choosing File > Preferences from the menu.

Now copy the below text and paste it into the "Additional Boards Manager URLs" text box:

Additional Board Manager

No room? If there is already a URL in the box, click the button to the right of the box. This will open a window allowing you to paste the URL onto a new line.

Additional Board Manager URLs

When you're done, click the "OK" button.

2. Install SparkFun AVR Boards

Next, you'll add the LilyPad USB Plus through Arduino's Boards Manager Menu. Open the Boards Manager by choosing Tools > Board > Boards Manager... (The Boards Manager option is at the very top of the list of boards; you may need to scroll up to see it.)

Board Manager

When the Boards Manager window opens, it will present a long list of options. Type "sparkfun" (without quotes) into the "Filter your search" box at the top of the window. This will shrink the list down to SparkFun's options.

You should see several entries. Look for the one labeled SparkFun AVR Boards by SparkFun Electronics.

alt text

Troubleshooting: If you don't see a SparkFun entry, it may mean that the URL you pasted into the Additional Boards Manager section of Arduino's preferences did not load correctly in Step #1, or you're not connected to the internet. Double check that the entire link was copied into the Additional Boards Manager URLs, and that you're connected to the internet. You might also try closing and restarting the Arduino software to refresh the preferences.

Click anywhere in the SparkFun AVR Boards box. A version number and an "Install" button will appear. Click the install button. This will download and install the extension. If you have already installed the SparkFun AVR Boards support, update to the latest version (LilyPad USB Plus and example code is included in 1.1.8 and higher).

alt text

If everything worked, a blue "INSTALLED" note should appear next to the SparkFun AVR Boards title. You're ready to start programming.

alt text