LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you've successfully got your LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus up and running, it's time to incorporate it into your own project! Check out our activity guide for more information on writing your own code for the ProtoSnap Plus:

LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus Activity Guide

December 7, 2017

Learn how to program in Arduino with the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus. This guide includes 10 example activities that use the pre-wired LilyPad boards on the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus.

Check out these tutorials for more information on using the LilyPad boards on the ProtoSnap Plus:

LilyPad Light Sensor Hookup Guide

How to hook up the LilyPad Light Sensor as well as some project ideas and example code.

Powering LilyPad LED Projects

Learn how to calculate how many LEDs your LilyPad project can power and how long it will last.

LilyPad Buzzer Hookup Guide

How to hook up the LilyPad Buzzer and make sound with code.

For more information about the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus, check out the resources below: