How to Load MicroPython on a Microcontroller Board

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Resources and Going Further

MicroPython can be a great way to dive into programming on an embedded system (especially if you know Python already) or if you want to quickly make a project or prototype. If you want to dig deeper into MicroPython, here are some resources to help you out:

pyboard links:

ESP32 Thing links:

Teensy 3.x links:

micro:bit links:

Pycom LoPy4 links:

OpenMV M7 Camera links:

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Looking to develop something with MicroPython? Check out these guides to get you started:

Check out Shawn's 4-part video series with the micro:bit. The projects have examples that use the accelerometer, combines the servo and temperature example, and sends a wireless message between two micro:bits with the radio extension. There are two additional videos using micro:bit with MicroPython.