Getting Started with Necto Studio

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Troubleshooting Tips

Below, we have also included some troubleshooting tips for issues that you may come across.

or CODEGRIP Installation Issues

On Windows 10 PCs, if users experience an issues signing in to Necto Studio or come across an Error:UnknownNetworkError error message, their computer may be missing a Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Library.

Failure to download CODEGRIP Suite and Error:UnknownNetworkError error message. (Click to enlarge)

To install the missing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Library, download the file (or click the button below), extract the folder, and execute the contained installation setup file vcredist_x64.exe.

Example Code Compilation Error

Users who select a Generic board in their hardware setup, may run into a compilation error. This error is because the pins for the Generic board are undefined, by default. Users will need to declare the pins utilized by their code for the build to compile.

generic board error
Compilation error message. (Click to enlarge)

No Power from the CODEGRIP Programmer

To detect a target MCU, it must be at least powered and have the SWD pins connected to the programmer. If the MCU has to be powered by the CODEGRIP programmer, users can enable it through the CODEGRIP Suite.

power enabled
CODEGRIP power output enabled. (Click to enlarge)

Remote Debugging

To learn more about configuring a remote debugging setup at your home, check out this blog post. For more information on Planet Debug, check out MikroElektronika's Planet Debug services page.

Source: Planet Debug services page