Getting Started with Necto Studio

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Home Page Layout

When users open the Necto Studio application, they will be brought to the Home Page. Below is a brief overview of the page layout:

home page layout
Home page layout. (Click to enlarge)

The numbers below correspond with the numbers in the image above:

  1. Home button - Brings users back to the **Home Page*
  2. Sign In button
    • Displays the login page for users to enter their account credentials.
    • Users can also register a new account from this page.
    • Once users are logged in, this button will be replaced by their profile name.
  3. Licenses drop down menu - Location of the Manage licenses menu option, where users can activate, deactivate, and purchase compiler licenses
  4. New Project button - Use to create a new project
  5. Open Project button - Open a project
  6. Examples button - Open a project from available examples of installed libraries
  7. Packages button - Find and install libraries from the Package Manager page
  8. Planet Debug button - Allows users to debug a project from a remote hardware setup (paid service)
  9. Setups button - Create, manage, and configure hardware setup(s) from the My Setups page
  10. List of recent projects - Opens recently saved projects
  11. Build button - Used to build opened project and will output a compiled *.hex file for the selected hardware setup
  12. Program button - Used to program a project to a hardware setup, once it has been successfully built and compiled, through a compatible programmer
  13. Debugger button - Used to debug a project on a hardware setup with a compatible programmer
  14. Web button - Opens internal web browser
  15. Help button - Opens Help page