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  • Member #1629023 / about 2 years ago / 1

    After several hours, I can't find the arduino sdk for the necto platform. My arduino click shield and click board are $40 of garbage at this point.

    • santaimpersonator / about 2 years ago * / 1

      Hey there,

      Sorry, to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. For technical assistance, please follow the link (in the banner) above to create a post on our forum.

      That said, I am a little confused to your reference about the "Arduino SDK" in Necto Studio. Necto Studio is a separate development platform from the Arduino IDE. There are only libraries that users add for the click board on a supported development board. For more help using Necto Studio (specifically), please check out MikroElektronica's Help Desk page or create a post on their forum.

      If you are using the Arduino shield and Click board on an Arduino based development board, in conjunction with the Arduino IDE, make sure that there is a supporting Arduino library. MikroElektronika has a 1000+ Click boards and not all of them have a supporting Arduino IDE library; they only have 100% support in Necto Studio (their development platform). If you want to develop your own code, you could potentially port over their library code (hosted on LibStock) to the Arduino IDE.

      For a better idea on the difference between Necto Studio and the Arduino IDE, please refer to this supplementary guide on the mikroBUS MicroMod carrier board.

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