Getting Started with Necto Studio

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Setup - Hardware Configuration

Similar to selecting a board from the Board Manager in the Arduino IDE, users will create a Setup for a specific board and processor configuration in Necto Studio. Users will need to sign in and activate a compiler license for the SDK to build a Setup. MikroElektronika has a tutorial video on their Youtube channel for this process:

Otherwise, users can also follow the steps below to create their setup (Click images to enlarge):

  1. From the Home page, select the Setups box
    home page
  2. Click the New button on the My Setups page
    my setups page
  3. Select a compiler on the Compiler page
    compiler page
  4. Select the SDK on the SDK page
    SDK page
  5. Select the board on the Board page
    board page
  6. Select the microcontroller on the MCU page
    MCU page
  7. Select display on the Display page
    display page
  8. Select the appropriate programmer on the Programmer page
    codegrip programmer
    CODEGRIP (recommended hardware)
    mikroprog programmer
    mikroProg for MCU
    • We recommend users select the following target options for the CODEGRIP programmer, if they wish to program the target MCU directly from Necto Studio:
      target options
  9. Click the Done and then Finish buttons

Users will then see the progress configuration and SDK build:

build progress
Configuration build progress. (Click to enlarge)

Once completed, users will be taken back to the My Setups page:

  • Users should now see that their hardware configuration has been added to the setup list on the left column.
  • These setups can be copied, modified, removed, and renamed (we recommend users rename their setup for organization purposes).
  • In the right column, users will find a summary of the hardware configuration for the selected setup (from the left column).

my setups
Layout of the My Setups page. (Click to enlarge)