Basic Autonomous Kit for Sphero RVR Assembly Guide

Contributors: Pearce, Ell C
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Standoffs and Mounting for the Pi Zero

The Pi Zero W mounts to the cover plate with two 4-40 nuts. It uses two of the holes made for the full Raspberry Pi footprint.

Raspberry Pi Zero and mounting hardware

This keeps the camera connector within reach of the pan-tilt rig, yet not in a position to tangle itself.

First, we'll affix the 1/2 inch screws to the Raspberry Pi Zero with two 4-40 nuts. This will provide a small standoff from the RVR cover plate which allows room for the pins on the bottom side of the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Raspberry Pi Zero with standoff nuts

From there, we'll affix the Pi Zero to the RVR cover plate with a second set of nuts.

Raspberry Pi Zero mounted on cover plate for the RVR