Basic Autonomous Kit for Sphero RVR Assembly Guide

Contributors: Pearce, Ell C
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Mounting Pan - Tilt Camera to the Cover Plate

The pan-tilt rig will mount to the forward-most servo footprint on the cover plate.

Servo footprint on RVR cover plate

The horn goes under the cover plate. Use two of the self-tapping screws included with the horn to mount the horn to the plate from the top (see pictures below) using the holes that line up.

Servo horn positioning

Mounting the horn to the bottom of the plate using screws

It’s important that the rig is mounted so that the middle of the servo travel faces forward. This will take some trial and error, but you want the servo to be able to move an equal amount in either direction when facing directly forward (it’s okay to move the servo when it isn’t powered, just don’t force it).

Fully affixed horn as shown from the bottom of the cover plate

When mounted, it should look similar to this.

Pan-tilt rig mounted to RVR cover plate