Basic Autonomous Kit for Sphero RVR Assembly Guide

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The SparkFun Basic Autonomous Kit for Sphero RVR is an expansion set of sensors to the Sphero RVR platform and is a great way to start driving the Sphero RVR, either remotely or autonomously. The pan-tilt camera provides an excellent base for a video streaming interface while the GPS module provides accurate data for navigation. The Raspberry Pi Zero runs your programming and passes the information to the RVR. Setup is fairly simple but there are a few confusing spots. This tutorial will go over how to properly assemble the kit on the mounting plate provided with the RVR. While we feel it's the best way to set this up, it's not necessarily the only way, so feel free to experiment with different configurations.

SparkFun Basic Autonomous Kit for Sphero RVR


Required Materials

To follow along with this tutorial, you will really only need a phillips-head screwdriver. We have quite a few to choose from - but our Pocket Screwdriver Set is a great option.

Pocket Screwdriver Set

Pocket Screwdriver Set

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

Tool Kit - Screwdriver and Bit Set

Tool Kit - Screwdriver and Bit Set


Electric Hobby Screwdriver Set


Before We Begin

If you haven't already, start charging the RVR battery. It takes a while to charge, so now would be a good time to get it going.