Using the Serial 7-Segment Display

Contributors: jimblom
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To interface other electronics to the display, you'll need to solder to some of the S7S's pins. Before you do any soldering, though, think on how you want to use the display. Do you plan on using one of the serial interfaces in particular? Maybe you only need to solder to the power pins, and the few pins which correspond to your preferred interface. Are you just prototyping with the display? Are you mounting it in an project enclosure? Your assembly method really depends on what your final goals for the display are.

For many use cases, you'll really only need the pins on the top header. When I prototype with these displays, I like to solder some straight male headers in, so I can stick it into a breadboard.

S7S with male headers soldered, in a breadboard

Of course, you could solder stranded or solid-core wires into the pins you need. This is useful if you plan on mounting the display in an enclosure.

S7S with wires soldered in

If you intend to ever reprogram the display using an FTDI Basic, you might find it useful to solder some right-angle male headers into the serial programming header. This can be a bit tricky, as the display gets in the way. I solder my right-angler's on the curved side.

Right-angle headers soldered into programming header

Finally, if you'll be mounting the display, any 4-40 screw should be able to find its way through those stand-off holes.