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  • santaimpersonator / about 6 years ago / 2

    Support Tip: I recently had a customer contact us about the illumination profile of the RGB LED. These are the resistor values he recommended for an even illumination across the RGB colors.

    “I used a Texas Instruments OPT3001 to accurately measure the output as would be perceived by the human eye and used this information to create more appropriate resistors values: red: Lux=61.26; actual resistor value = 217 Ohms; Nominal resistor value = 220 Ohms green: Lux=55.24; actual resistor value = 4640 Ohms; Nominal resistor value = 4700 Ohms blue: Lux=53.34; actual resistor value = 2273 Ohms; Nominal resistor value = 2200 Ohms.”

  • Member #1712195 / about 2 years ago / 1

    Hey I am trying to make a automatic (sorry if i spelled that wrong) egg turner for duck eggs and I need a time sequence and a motor to make the turner move every 6 hours. If you can do this, i will be so greatful. Thanks

  • Member #1489451 / about 6 years ago / 1

    Hi there, I am trying to combine the code for projects 2A and 3C. I would like to make a motion-triggered birthday song and use the servo motor to wave a flag or picture of the birthday girl or boy. I think it would be a fun birthday surprise.

    However I can't get the code to work. I have tried copying and pasting parts of one code into the other program, but they just won't cooperate. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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