Raspberry Pi Zero Helmet Impact Force Monitor

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Build it: Electronics!

Here's the electrical schematic for this project:

Fritzing Diagram

Here's the pinout for the Pi Zero W for reference:

Raspberry Pi Zero Graphical Datasheet

Click on the image to view the PDF.

Connect the LIS331 Accelerometer to the Pi's GPIO

Solder and carefully remove any flux residue on the accelerometer and Pi GPIO's header pins.

Then connect jumper wires between the LIS331 breakout board and Pi between the following pins:

LIS331 Breakout Board Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin
VCC GPIO 1 (3.3V)

To make it easier to connect the sensor to the Pi Zero, a custom adapter was made by using a female header and jumper wires. Heat shrink was added after testing the connections.

Connect the LIS3311 to a Pi GPIO Pins

Add an Alert LED!

Solder a current limiting resistor to the negative LED leg (shorter leg) and add shrink wrap (or electrical tape) for insulation.

Use two jumper cables or header pins to connect the positive LED leg to GPIO26 and the resistor to GND (header positions 37 and 39, respectively).

Completed Setup

Connect the battery pack to the Pi's input power to complete the setup!

Completed Circuit