Photon Remote Water Level Sensor

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Setting Up Text Alerts

If you want to get an alert via text or email when the pressure drops rapidly (or for other data events), it can be done with Head over there and setup an account, and connect your phone to IFTTT. Click 'My Recipes' on the top menu, click 'Create a Recipe', then click 'this'. Search for 'twitter,' and click on the Twitter icon. Unfortunately, IFTTT's "tweet from search" feature seems to be broken, hopefully it's fixed soon. For now, the best we can do is send a text every time we post a new tweet. This unfortunately means we can't tweet more mundane things right now, since it would be annoying getting that many texts.

ThingSpeak reacts for pressure drop

Click on 'Create a Recipe' to get started.

Click 'New tweet by a specific user', then enter your username after the "@" symbol, similar to "@JSF_auto_farm". Next, click 'that', search for SMS, and click 'Send an SMS'. I just left the message as the default. Click 'Create Action' and 'Create Recipe', and that's it! If you had to create and link accounts for everything to get to this point, it will be much faster next time you want a text alert for some remote measurement.

When IFTTT does eventually get their Twitter search feature fixed, we can use a hashtag to filter our results. After clicking 'this', search for 'twitter', then choose 'New tweet from search'. Use this as the search:

"@your_twitter_username" "#rapid_pressure_drop"

replacing your_twitter_username with the one you picked previously.

Alternate: Use Gmail to Send Texts

For the 'that' portion, you can also choose Gmail (you will have to link a Gmail account for this step), and click 'Send an email'. If you want to send a text, you can do it as so:

Instructions for using email to send a text with any carrier can be found here. I was having trouble getting the texts to consistently go through via Gmail with IFTTT, so I switched to the straight IFTTT SMS feature.

There are many other ways to set up SMS alerts, such as Twilio, [SendGrid](, or IOBridge. None of these methods have been tested with this setup yet.