Interactive 3D Printed LED Diamond Prop

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Stress Testing in the Field

Arming the Diamond Prop

Here's a demo of how quickly I was able to power up and test the prop before the performance.

Triggering the Diamond Prop

There were a few methods of triggering the LED's color. My students were instructed to touch the top of the holder to trigger the red color in the middle of the piece. However, there were several other ways to change the color in case anything happened. Here's a quick demo.


The instructions were simple enough for my students to understand and the circuit turned out well for the rehearsals.

Show Time!

When it came time for the show, I had my handy multimeter, scissors, electrical tape, and backup 9V batteries just in case I needed to troubleshoot. However, the only issue that I ran into was not caused by the prop. The stage manager indicated that the fog from a fog machine could cause the fire alarm to go off. As an alternative, I found that dry ice and water seemed to work as a replacement. Here's a picture of the team after they went on!

Backstage with the 3D Printed Diamond