Interactive 3D Printed LED Diamond Prop

Contributors: bboyho
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Making It Better

There’s always room for improvement. After the project was completed, I realized that the prop could improved. Below are a list of possible upgrades and improvements that could be implemented for future builds.

  • Conductive Adhesive 2" Copper Tape - Initially, I had regular copper tape in my parts bin. I did not realize there was a conductive adhesive until after the electrodes were attached to the diamond holder. Starting with the conductive adhesive 2" roll would have been better to start with.
  • Jumper Wires - After soldering and taping copper tape to the enclosure, the wires seemed to be in the way when I needed to troubleshoot the circuit. Adding M/F jumper wires to connect and disconnect the capacitive touch sensor and enclosure would help make the project modular.
  • Another Protoboard - To secure the connections better, I would have used another prototyping board (like the solderable bredabord to solder all the connections to a instead of having the capacitive touch sensor on a separate mini-breadboard.
  • Switch - Opening the enclosure to plug in the batteries and then closing it was not too bad. Adding two latching power switches between the batteries would make it less tedious.