Interactive 3D Printed LED Diamond Prop

Contributors: bboyho
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External Electrodes

Now that we have an enclosure, the finishing touches can be added to the prop. Cut out a strip of 2" copper tape and solder two pieces of wire to it. Make sure the wire is long enough to extend the capacitive touch sensor's pin labeled "PAD" to the circuit's enclosure and to the top of the diamond holder. Solder the other end of the wire to the capacitive touch sensor. Remove the backing and stick the copper tape to the inside wall of the enclosure.

Side Electrode

To distinguish the diamond and the holder, copper tape was also added to the top of the holder. Cut out a another piece of the 2" copper tape. Then cut into the tape to match the inside of the holder's edge.

Cut Copper Tape to Match Holder's Edge

Remove the backing and attach the trapezoid section of the tape to the holder. Then fold the rest of the copper tape in half so that the conductive top side is able to conduct on the top and bottom. Then lay the copper tape flat. Repeat for each edge of the diamond until you have one side left.

With one side left, solder the second wire to extend the capacitive touch sensor's pad to the trapezoid section. Pull the wire up through the enclosure and holder. Attach the copper tape to the final edge.

Finished Diamond Holder with Copper Tape Electrodes for Capacitive Touch Sensing