How to Solder - Through-hole Soldering

Contributors: JoelEB


Soldering Your First Component

Let’s put all these tools into action. This first video will go over the basics of soldering your first component – headers!

Check out the Vimeo version here.


It’s really that easy! Follow Dave’s simple rules to make every solder connection a good one.

  • Be cautious when handling hot irons
  • Use third hands or vices to hold boards while you solder
  • Set your iron at a good medium heat (325-375 degrees C)
  • If you see smoke coming from your solder, turn down the heat
  • Tin your tip with solder before each connection to help prep the joint
  • Use the side of the tip (aka the sweet spot), not the very tip of the iron
  • Heat both the pad and the part you want to solder evenly and at the same time
  • Pull the solder away, then the iron
  • A good solder joint should look like a volcano or Hersey kiss, not a ball or clump

We’ve also put together this digram to help you better understand what makes a good solder joint.

alt text

Click for a larger image.

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