How to Make a Magic Mirror with Raspberry Pi

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The MagicMirror project has a wonderful forum of users ready and willing to help out! I have popped over there a few times to sort out some CSS configuration questions myself.

Common Errors

  • Please create a config file: If you've made changes to your config file and get this error, there is likely a syntax error in your file. If you are just starting out, you need to copy the config.js.sample to config.js.

  • npm fails to start: Get errors when you type in npm start? Likely you're not in the MagicMirror folder. Make sure you're in the correct directory and try again.

  • Module not working: Make sure that when you install modules, you are in the MagicMirror/modules folder. The project assumes your modules will be installed here and if they are not, the config file can't find them.